Monday, October 31, 2016

"Pop Feminism, how do you plead?" - Video Description

"Pop feminism", or mainstream feminism, does serious damage, not just to people who disagree with it ideologically, but also to people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ideas like listen and believe, triggers and censorship, and conspiracies of oppression all have demonstrably harmful effects. The stories I list, and the extended links in the description are only a fraction of what I've seen over the years, these are just the ones I was able to dig up.

The1Janitor is a good, well-meaning person who I've been subscribed to for a while now, but I find it hard to believe that anyone who hangs out in this corner of YouTube hasn't heard at least some of the cases I mention in this video. Links below.

The1Janitor's video:

Related video by Karen Straughan: "Why do MRAs attack feminism?"

> Eroding the rights of accused students at universities, .

Pop feminists (/“real feminists” who wanted this change:

- Male student is found not guilty of sexual misconduct, punished anyway:

- Male student accused of rape is not allowed a lawyer, accuser is.

- Male student is raped when blacked out, and the school expels him

- A federal judge had to reinstate a falsely-accused student

- Emma Sulkowicz (mattress girl):
--Her slander campaign against him was endorsed by their university because it promoted popular feminist ideas:
-- She was honored by the National Organization for Women

- Rolling Stone rape accuser Jackie
- Lauded by the National Organization for Women

- Falsely accused male student was not told the charges, was not allowed counsel, and only escaped because his mother happened to be an attorney and knew what to do.

- Emerging trends of mothers speaking up on behalf of their sons and other men because the main stream (that is, social-justice pop-feminists) value female voices over male voices:

Other stories:

- University of Manchester censored a debate about censorship.

- Springfield College canceled a “Men in Literature” class when four students complained, appealing to the idea that men face no inequality, even though that was never proposed in the coursework.

- Professor who tried to abide by sensitive students’ triggers, still managed to offend.

- Harvard feminists wanted to abolish male-only clubs, but not female-only clubs, on the grounds of, you guessed it, systematic female oppression.

> The only men’s shelter in Canada didn’t receive enough funds to stay open:

Other links: