Sunday, November 16, 2014

An Open Letter to Privileged Women

A while ago, I was in a debate with some self-proclaimed feminists (you can be the judge of whether or not they were "true feminists"), and within the first few exchanges, I was told that I just need to shut up and agree with them because I'm not a woman and therefore I can't possibly understand my opponent's arguments. Not just their experiences, but anything they were arguing for at all. Specifically, I was linked to the following article, which basically explains why men are not allowed to disagree with feminists.

So based on this article, it seems there is a very straightforward method to gain support for men's issues as well, or really, for any issue regarding one group of people, but let's look at a hypothetical men's issue. This method has exactly two steps:

1. Take a men's issue, real or fake, it doesn't matter, and assert that men are suffering.

2. If a woman disagrees with anything you've said that is related to that issue (your analysis, your proposed solution, etc), just say the following phrases to shut her up:

-- "Women don't understand what it's like to be men in this situation, so you can't possibly have any insights into this subject."

--  "I am so traumatized and defeated and weak that I cannot even bear to explain the problem to other people anymore. I can't even give you a link to someone else who's explained it."

-- "Personal testimony from a handful of men is all the evidence you need that this is a serious issue, and not just a hyped victim complex bolstered by attention-seeking people on tumblr"

-- "Any questions you raise about my analysis of the situation or my proposed solution are simply interesting little thought experiments to you, which trivializes the suffering we men experience, so you need to shut up and just agree with us because you're a woman. If we say we're victims, then we are. And if we propose a solution that you disagree with, you need to shut up."

And if a man disagrees with you, just remember that he's been brainwashed by all the women in his life who want to keep him as a disposable provider. We should both pity him and belittle him for disagreeing with us.

Do you see how silly all of this is?


  1. Thanks for the post and the useful rebuttals.

  2. Yeah, that article was just one giant, pathetic ad hominem fallacy