Wednesday, January 14, 2015

If Blacks had acted like Feminists

History is full of examples of drastic social and political changes which were brought about by civil rights and social justice movements (Ghandi, gay rights, women's suffrage, etc.), but from what I've seen of popular modern feminism, it does not appear to resemble any of these successful social movements.

To illustrate this point, I have photoshopped some images from the American civil rights movement of the 1960's to display phrases used by these modern feminists. I've done this in order to illustrate how first world these statements are, how insulting they are, and how irrelevant they are to a so-called social justice movement. Click on the images if you need to enlarge them.

In my experience, (as illustrated by these images) most issues raised by these feminists are either trivial and not requiring a social movement (such as manspreading or long lines at bathrooms), or, when the issues are genuine, the approach many feminists would have us take to solve them is downright silly, such as affirmative consent laws.

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