Thursday, March 26, 2015

Emma Watson Doesn't Help Feminism

I'd like to make a point about a quote from Emma Watson's "HeForShe" speech in which she said the following:

"The more I have spoken about feminism the more I have realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop."

I think this demand of hers (that this view of feminism has to stop) is hollow and infantile, and I will explain why I think this using an analogous situation.

I'm an atheist, and I have been involved in atheist groups. Often times, one of the goals of atheist groups is to change peoples' negative opinion of atheists. Now, if I were concerned that the general public associated "atheism" with being mean and hateful, and I wanted that to change, I wouldn't get up on my soapbox and simply declare to the public, "You people need to stop viewing atheists as mean and hateful: that's not what atheism is about". The reason I wouldn't do this is because there are indeed atheists who are mean and hateful, so it's understandable that these atheists soil the name for the general public.

To counteract this view of atheists, I would (and have) organized an atheist charity event, or I'd host a polite inter-faith discussion to demonstrate that these topics can be calmly explored, or I'd just do what Hemant Mehta does and be "The Friendly Atheist", but I wouldn't just declare that everyone else needs to adjust their views: I would prove them wrong. In other words, I would show, not tell.

This is why I think Emma Watson's statement is hollow and infantile: it's a stand-alone demand that everyone else should stop thinking a certain way, rather than any kind of proof that their way of thinking is wrong. If Emma Watson wants to dissociate "feminism" from "man-hating", then she should do more than simply pay lip service to men's issues: she should actively advocate for battered men's shelters in the name of gender equality (I forget if Canada has one or zero men's shelters at this time), or she should join the fight for any number of legal provisions that would help men (legal paternal surrender, a gender-neutral "Violence Against Women Act", anti-circumcision laws, etc.), but she doesn't do these things, and she never has to my knowledge.

As such, she doesn't give us any reason to dissociate "feminism" from "man-hating", nor does she convince me that feminism is for men too. All she does is reinforce the view that feminists' brand of "equality" doesn't include men, and that she personally "is not like that."

Indeed, even "The HeForShe Commitment" which Watson promotes, reinforces the exclusion of men's issues from feminism: it claims that men's issues are also part of gender equality, but the commitment itself only addresses women and girls. Like Watson, the HeForShe commitment does not include men's issues when rubber meets the road.

If Emma Watson were truly concerned for both men and women's issues, then her commitment to "a human rights issue" would say this instead:

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  1. I noticed her distancing herself from the anti-male malevolence of her peers at first. I too, noticed her about face in her speech, and I find this all eye-opening. She should have endorsed a She FOR He campaign, to show that women are not battering men wholesale. Her way of welcoming us to her side? gimme!!!!!!!! like we do not gimme to gals in the first place. I doubt she wrote it anyways. Look at her. She is young and immature, a child. But, she is eye candy for guys, so it makes sense that the feminist social media controllers put her in the light, hoping to seduce everyone. Emma is clearly insincere, of delusional, for she contradicts herself immensely in this speech. Or, she was arm-twisted by the speech-writers to do it. All that is of little consequence. Why? Men's rights are being stripped away, and while she stated disdain, she DEMANDED more of men. Listen Emma to me, if you dare, if you have guts like you act like you do!!! My 75 year old adopted mom, who sodomized me and beat me up from a couple years old until my teens, still harasses me!!!! I started talking to my sisters at their pleading, and in pops scum manifesto mom to try to shatter some of my female relations. I have just had 3 years of trauma therapy to help deal with the severe PTSD and nightmares. I am fifty. There has only been 3 yrs of therapy, there was nothing before that! My ex-wife is unbelievably misandric!!! So much so she tried to take my daughter's baby from her! Sick as that is, 4 years ago, I tried to work at McDonald's. Only problem was, my 19 yr old female boss had perverted plans for me or else!!! Guess what I chose what else. I could tell 10 paragraphs of events where females have been absolutely vicious. I have wronged no female on this planet. I am TERRIFIED of women, which does not make me a manhater! I cannot put money in the bank because of a government body that is determined to prove to me that I can never pay the "debt" of divorce, by making it impossible for me to earn a living, based on the lies of my ex. Who really does not want me to make money at all, just stay poor to stay out of her welfare privilege. Tell me, Emma, where is there room left for me to support individuals who have it all going their way? what have I left to give? If I gave it all to you females already, why do you not give me back food, and leave me in the gutter to starve while you smirk? You take this side, Emma, all the while saying that that is not you. You lie to yourself, that is you! I have marks all over my body from my childhood. When I committed suicide at fifteen, she was mad I failed. I have a mark on my forehead, from the bathtub, at a few years old. She was holding me underwater. My forehead has a gouge from the faucet. How is this less than any man has done to me? It is not. And I cannot take her or my ex-wife to court or jail for their abuses of me. Want more? After alienating me from my adopted family by threatening me heavily, she shows up at my daughter's wedding, only to stick her finger in that old familiar place during family photos. She did it to ruin my psychology, and to fluff with my daughter's feelings. Just this past month, she hacked into my emails and facebook to do disgusting things to my brain again. I cannot stop this monster who love the scum manifesto, because she is female. And you encourage her with your actions, Emma. Pooey on femiinsim, Strangely, I have been Egalitarian since ten years old. Women supremacy is a hate crime and you know it!!! Your whole speech is either a knowing lie, or you are farrrrrrrr too immature to be in such a prestigious position. But then, those that wrote your speech, paid YOU because you are great eye candy for men. Or so they thought. You can correct me on that point, if you dare to stand up for your weird speech. I am tired of giving only....when are women gonna give? Or, is my adopted mom' sick scum manifest policy lurk in you?